Casta Diva

an ode to Italian craftsmanship and elegance


The Epitome of Italian Craftsmanship and Style

Unveiling “Casta Diva,” a living masterpiece that embodies the very essence of Italian craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Crafted at the hands of the esteemed Riva-Taroni boat artisans, this vessel stands as a tribute to the iconic icons of Italian style, revered and recognized across the globe.

Riva, renowned for its unparalleled beauty, has bestowed upon the world boats that are celebrated as the epitome of visual perfection. Taroni, on the other hand, is a storied name that holds the honor of being designated a national cultural treasure—an accolade earned through centuries of service to both Italian and European royalty.


Italian Elegance in Every Detail

Casta Diva represents the culmination of this storied legacy, harmoniously marrying the artistic mastery of Riva with the distinguished heritage of Taroni.

With an interior reminiscent of a Cadillac, this boat presents not just opulence, but an immersion into the very soul of Italian elegance.

A Canvas for Beauty

Designed for those extraordinary moments and the creation of indelible memories, Casta Diva is a gem set upon the waters of Como Lake.

Its sleek contours and intricate details transform it into a canvas for capturing moments of unparalleled beauty.

Powerful and Efficient

Casta Diva offers more than just aesthetic splendor. It houses a robust and efficient engine, ensuring that every journey across the lake’s expanse is a seamless and exhilarating experience.

This vessel is not merely a boat; it is a celebration of Italian mastery, a vessel for crafting moments that transcend time itself.

Timeless Elegance Awaits

Step into the realm of Casta Diva, where the traditions of Riva and Taroni converge to provide an unparalleled voyage.