pride of the Italian golden age


Handcrafted with Love and Care

Step aboard the magnificent OnlyWood, an enchanting masterpiece handcrafted in Italy with love and care by the esteemed crafter De Cesari-Della Pieta’.

A true one-of-a-kind gem from the 80s, this wooden boat is a symphony of elegance, fashioned entirely from rich mahogany and teak.

A pride of the Italian golden age, when Italy set the trends in international pop culture, OnlyWood brings forth a timeless sense of style and sophistication.


A Symphony of Wood and Elegance

Venture into the heart of Italian excellence as you embrace the essence of our most sought-after boat.

Discover the true essence of Italian style and be part of an iconic journey that transcends time.

Our Most Sought-After Boat

OnlyWood has captured the hearts of many, becoming our most booked boat, beloved for the emotions it evokes and the memories it creates.

Pride of the Italian Golden Age

Its opulent wooden frame harks back to an era of timeless charm, where Italy’s cultural prowess reigned supreme on the world stage.

An Unforgettable Encounter

Your voyage with OnlyWood promises to be an unforgettable encounter with the golden age of Italy. An experience that will remain etched in your heart forever.